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100% of Your Contribution or Purchase Goes Directly Towards a Charitable Cause!

All Administration Costs are Covered by the Private Contribution of the Founders!

Humata started out operating as a privately funded, un-registered charitable organization (2008 to 2019) under the name Humata Parsee Anjumaan.

It focused on the advancement of the Zarathushtrian religion and the Global Parsee/Irani community.


Here’s what we’ve done so far...

Humata began in 2008 with very humble contributions towards Kathi. It concentrated on remote Agiaries lacking sufficient funds to maintain the consecrated fires. It also contributed to the repair and maintenance costs for some Agiaries that required roof repair to protect the consecrated fires in times of heavy rains and monsoons.

However, maintaining our places of worship and other institutions requires more than “repairs”. It requires Faith, Knowledge and a sense of community or identity.

Many parents struggle to find appropriate and truthful answers to satisfy the intellect of the modern youth who want to have faith but also require appropriate information.

Therefore, Humata set out on a bold task to provide solutions. Humata began its leap into education with a focus on children and young parents.


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In 2012 Humata released it's first book in a 3 part children’s series - Colour Me Zarathushti. In this series, parents and their children get to read a story about “little Homi” and his relationship with Ahura Mazda, the Yazads and his prophet.

The stories are full of “faith inspiring events” as well as simple and sound knowledge for children as well as parents.

These books have a colouring section in the back, a Teaching Guide in the front for parents and all the information is well referenced from Zarathushtrian Literature in the “Where is it Written” section.

Due to an enormous demand, this 3 part series has gone through several re-prints from 2012 to 2016.


Of the 6,000 books in this series that have been printed, a total of 5,300 have been distributed to many Agiaries and Atash Behrams where individuals can receive a copy with a small donation towards any one of the Agiary Funds such as Kathi and Mobed welfare.

By 2016 Humata released its first teenage/young adult book

“i” Zarathushti – Me, My Soul and i


This is a valuable resource for parents and teens, because it is designed to read like a text book. The design makes it easy to refer to for in depth answers to many religious questions. Individuals could get a copy for a nominal and meaningful donation to an Agairy, Atash Behram or Madressa. It is a valuable asset to any home.


In September 2016 Humata began an electronic version of its religious periodical Simply Din.

This periodical addresses each religious topic at four levels:

  • scholastic arguments;
  • simple explanations for children;
  • more detailed explanations for teens or young adults and finally;
  • at an advanced/spiritual level for the mature audience

It was an instant success and the demand to have a printed version for the sake of posterity began to grow. In 2019 Volumes 1 to 19 were printed in a magazine/book form to be distributed once again to places of worship where individuals could get a copy for a small donation to the Agiary or Atash Behram.

Since the onset of Humata and up to 2020, Humata has printed and donated over 10,000 books to Agiaries, Atash Behrams and Madressas. Allowing each institution to collect the funds from sales for their own kathi, mobed or varasiaji funds. In addition to this investment in education for all ages, Humata has distributed Kathi to over 20 remote Agiaries and Atash Behrams. Humata has helped with smaller heritage projects where urgent repairs were needed and performed by Parsee Volunteers such as the Agiary in Hubli and Gopipura Dadgah Saheb. Humata has also responded to several welfare pleas on a one time basis for medical, shelter, food and clothing. In 2019 Humata held its first Gahambar.

In 2020 Humata’s aspirations to further its reach and take on a community approach to welfare, mobed income supplementation and heritage structure preservation was growing. It became apparent that our current model of donating the books directly to Agiaries and Atash Behrams was no longer sustainable if we wanted to accomplish more for the community.

So Humata struggled to find a better way...

We realized that the fundamental problems facing our community are lack of faith, lack of practice and departure from culture. Humata realized that it is up to each one of us to act separately towards our collective gain... to be a warrior for faith, knowledge, truth and the preservation of our institutions from Agairies and Atash Behrams to our Dokhme. And actively take part in learning and understanding more about these institutions.

Humata has blossomed from an unregistered entity to a registered Not-for-Profit corporation and hope you will Share our Vision by purchasing our publications, participating in our events or donating towards one of our charitable projects. When you purchase our books and other publications, 100% of your contribution or purchase will go towards supporting our charitable objectives and projects. But more importantly, you will be taking action towards our community’s collective good. You will be increasing your own understanding and faith. You will be better able to communicate your knowledge and show your faith to your children and grandchildren. Faith will be kindled once again, interest in our history, culture and practices will slowly rise again. Young mobeds will be proud to be the torch bearers of our most precious religion and culture once again.

Thank you for your participation and being the most important part of Humata!

Thank-you for Gracing our Gahambar!