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Inspire Faith

Encourage religious practice through religious education that is fun and interesting for all ages, and at the same time, creates an awareness of religious tenets, practice, and philosophy as traditionally practiced by the Parsee/Irani Zarathushti community.


Protect & preserve religious institutions and heritage structures by helping with essential repairs by Parsee/Irani Volunteers.

Encourage mobeds to continue their services to society, ensuring religious & Heritage structures remain operatiopnal.


Promote culture through events such as gahambars and exhibitions.


Enhance community well-being by providing basic necessities of life, including food, clothing and shelter to people in need.

Promote Religious Harmony

Respecting & Celebrating Diverse Religions and Cultures

Humata operates under the conviction that each religion and culture is to be respected, honoured and celebrated.

The practice of equality is better represented in a multicultural society by recognizing & celebrating the distinct identity, ethnicity, culture & faith of its people.

In this way, Humata promotes harmony in diversity holding close to the heart the vision of the highest form of society 

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