Participation is a great way to engage our whole community, build new friendships & gain satisfaction in benefiting the community.


Niyosha, Ashis, Zubin, Zinobia, and Minoo were very helpful raising money for Kathi and medical from sale of Humata educational publications.

We welcome any help you can give

Here Zenobia is really sweating it out... making sure that all the local residents who could not make it to the Gahambar get a tiffin delivered to their homes.


Marzban Limki, India

Proof reading of Simply Din

Phiroza Limki, India

Proof reading of Simply Din

Adil Canteenwala, Can.

Web page maintenance

Minoo Charna, India

Book distribution

Zinobia Schroff, India

Book distribution and display

Noshir Dordi, India

[who is no longer with us but his years of sincere work and dedication for the community will always be remembered]

Burzin Dordi, India

Kathi distribution

Gev Dalal, India

Interest in Welfare and Religious Education

Hanoz Mistry, India

Distribution of e - Simply Din on TPV mail

Havove Mistry, India

Promotion on social media

Russi Patel, India

Distribution & donation collection in the Mazdayasni Connection exhibitions

Sam Billimoria, USA

Articles and information

Silloo Mehta, USA/IND

Education, distribution of publications, events

Zenobia P. Schroff, IND

Proof reading, promotion, blessings

Huffrish Baria

Video presentation of prayers

Kkerwin Baria, India

Poster Child for Humata and videos

Ashis Mohta, India

Volunteer for Events

Zubin Mohta, India

Volunteer for Events

Sarosh Daruvalla, India

Film/Video, Liaison, Events

Zinobia P. Sidhwa, India

Gahambar Food Distribution for locals

Khursheed Havewala, India

Volunteer for Events

Behram Havewala, India

Volunteer for Events

Er. Marzban J. Hathiram, India

Speaker & Research

Globe Hotel, Udvada

For accommodation and facilities donation

Kainaaz Pardiwala, India

Volunteer for Events

Jehaangir & Rukshan Bulsara, Canada

Greet & Welcome, Entertainment

All Friends and Family of the Volunteers

For support & encouragement